We are team of design engineers with more than 25 years of experience in electronic and mechanical design. Our aim is to provide our customers with products and solutions enabling them to concentrate at the end goal and take the focus off the technology required to acheive it.

Design Philosphy

A project will only run smoothly and meet timescale, cost and quality expectation if it is planned properly and all risks evaluated. We invest heavily in capturing the customer requirements an balance it against risk and cost elements. We engage the customer at each design step to keep them in picture and take their input for improvement in the next design step

Areas of Expertise

  • Schematic capture
  • Pcb design
  • Embedded and PC Software
  • Analog and digital electronics design
  • Xilinx and Altera fpga and cpld based digital design
  • Microcontroller based designs (8051, ARM, MSP430, PIC, XAP2B, STM8, etc)
  • Wireless interfacing using Bluetooth, GPRS, Zigbee, SimpliciTI
  • USB, Ethernet & PCI interfacing
  • DMX lighting protocol
  • Designing compliant to CE